Need help to deal with the pain of wearing a monofin? Wearing a monofin perfectly without affecting your feet can be a great struggle. You might suffer from some blisters or irritating feet.

Well, here is an article that will help you out with all your concerns. With the following tips, you will not only learn to get rid of blisters that monofin causes, but you will also know how to deal with it. The below tricks will help you out from what is known as the big mermaid blunder!

Tips to save your feet from blisters and irritating skin

1.      Hockey tape

Use the hockey tape to cover the moleskin or pre-affected skin. Wrap it around your feet thoroughly, and then move your feet to ensure flexibility. The tape is really sticky thus it will stay intact under water. It will not only protect you from having blisters but also save you from irritation caused by the already affected skin. The hockey tapes are safer for your skin and do not leave you with a slippery monofin. You just need to wrap your feet with the tape as long as you are in the water.

2.      Thin socks

The thin regular socks make a huge difference in the grips. It works as an insole for the monofin and saves you from slippery feet. The thin socks are especially quite essential to avoid your feet from slipping out of the monofin. It also helps if the monofins are little loose.

3.      Neoprene Socks

If you got the monofins a size bigger, then Neoprene socks are the best solace for you. They are available in different thickness, and you may buy one accordingly. However, if your monofins fit right then you may not need this pair. With perfectly fit or little tight monofins, you may find it difficult to wear the neoprene socks.

4.      Monofin socks

The monofin socks are the best pair of help for the mermaidaqua. They are half socks, specially made to save your feet from blisters. They help you cover the toes and prevent from having irritating skin. They are available online for cheap and you may order few extra pairs for yourself for the next time.

So, if you are facing any trouble wearing the monofins, try out some of the quick tips mentioned above. Happy Swimming!