legends of Mermaids

Stories and legends of Mermaids have been around for centuries. The inception of the famous mythology of half human, half fish creatures, can mostly be attributed to man's increasing capability to travel in the open sea. Early settlement around rivers and oceans sparked the interest of what lay beyond.

Since their inception, mermaids have plagued the world of mythology and folklore. Apart from her half human, half fish appearance, she is also believed to be the embodiment of beauty. They are known to sit on rocks and comb their long, lustrous hair while staring into their reflection in the mirror.

Largely likened to sirens, mermaids are known to lure sailors to their doom and destruction. Of course, armed with their alluring and serene- like voices and beauty, this was not an impossible feat. However, even though sirens were known to possess musical talent in equal measure, they were mostly known for playing musical instruments such as the lyre.

The question of the reality of mermaids is often debatable. Yet, many accounts of mermaid sightings have been made and preserved through generations. Well- known sightings and accounts such as the one made by Christopher Columbus, a famous explorer, rocked the reality of our world.

The sighting of the three mermaids just off Haiti was made by the explorer in January 1493, however, was not as most would expect. He reported that, as opposed to what legend states, they are not as beautiful. He stated that they seemed to exhibit a more manlike appearance.

In 1614, it is said that Captain John Smith witnessed a strikingly beautiful mermaid just off the coast of Newfoundland. In his diary, he describes the creature as having large beautiful eyes, and long green hair that added an original look to her.
Henry Hudson in the year of 1608 is said to have made a great discovery of his own. As written in his journal, he saw these mythical creatures just off the waters of Norway. He described them as having dark long hair that contrasted their pale skin beautifully.

Alongside the mermaids, are their counterparts, the Mermen. Reportedly known to not have as much interest in humans as the mermaids, they are known to be fierce and dangerous. Mermen are known to have control over the sea, contributing to shipwrecks and deaths of most sailors.

There were numerous literary representations in the past times. One such famous literary collection was known as One Thousand and One Nights. Due to its Persian descent, the literary folk collection was a bit different from most Mer legends. According to their literature, both mermaids and mermen could coexist with people on land.

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