So are you afraid of the health risks involved in swimming as a mermaid? Well, there are some obvious and some not so obvious health risks that you must be aware of. This article will help you understand the risks and how to take precautions.
Obvious health risks

• Muscle cramps
Muscle cramps and foot cramps are some obvious discomforts a swimmer can face while swimming as a mermaid. The only way to get relief is to stay hydrated and have sufficient amount of potassium and magnesium intake. You also need to avoid the foot blisters on the foot cramps. This can be done by investing in a pair of half socks or hockey tape.

• Chlorine
Chlorine cause rashes and irritation to the skin. it also leads to signs of aging. Chlorine damages your hair, nails, and open area of the body. the best preventive measure is to keep washing the chlorine as soon as you can.

• Drowning
There are chances of drowning with that tight fitting mermaid tail. You can avoid such circumstances by knowing the sign and following the lifeguards.

• Back injuries
Mermaidaqua is quite prone to back injuries when they try to lift themselves up or try to stand. Precautions must be taken while lifting your body.

Some of the not so obvious risks that may happen to anybody

• Frequent exposure to water may lead to ear infections. You may avoid getting such infections by using an earplug. Additionally always keep some eardrops and antibiotics handy before going into the water.

• Frequent swimming may lead to sinus and nasal drip problems. You must consult the doctor if the problem persists.

• The pool deck is always dirty! Always carry along a pair of flip-flops to the pool. Use a mat or your tail to lie down and avoid minimum contact with the deck. You must take a shower before and after swimming to avoid fungal infections and wart.

• If you face pink eyes, conjunctivitis or eye infection; this happens due to the chemical content of the pool water. The swimming pool is full of chlorine-treated water that may leave with serious eye infections. Use some anti-bacterial eye drops and wash your eyes thoroughly every time you get contact with the pool water.

• When kids get diarrhea in the pool, and the pool remains unclean, you may suffer from Cryptosporidium. The pool has to be disinfected from time to time. you must avoid swimming in dirty pools altogether.

The ultimate word is to avoid swimming in dirty pools and keep yourself clean every time you come out of a swimming pool.

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