So are you thinking to buy a mermaid tail, and don’t know what to look for exactly? This article will give you some great tips on how to buy a mermaid tail. And trust me; you will love it when you know how to use it properly.

If this tail is your first tail, then you hardly know what to expect from it. You might have seen people wearing it, but how exactly it is tailored is a myth for the first-timers. Below are some tail overviews that most of the first timers are ignorant of.

• Some tails are equipped with zippers that make it easy to wear. However, some tails are tailored without zippers. Tails made of thicker fabric are tough to roll, while silicone ones can be worn easily.
• It is important to have an elastic waistband for your tail. This avoids water from swooping inside the tail. Sometimes you may need to wrap your legs with plastic for that perfect shape.
• The tails tend to wrinkle at some places irrespective of what fabric it is made of. Basically, you cannot avoid the wrinkles on the knees and ankle. In order to avoid the wrinkles, you need to keep your toes pointed and legs must be flexed. This reduces the wrinkles and crinkling of the tail and increases the longevity.
• Get the measurements right! While measuring yourself for the tail, always measure above your belly button else there are chances to end up with an ill-fitting tail. Most of the times the tail may not cover your bum as well.
• The mermaidaqua tailors create some holes in the fabric and cover them with a Velcro or zippers. The holes are made intentionally to help water escape from the tail. This also helps air to move inside and keep the tail dry.
• Silicone and latex tails take more time for production and painting. They are heavy as well.
• Even when you take extreme care of the tail, it tends to get damaged after a few uses. However, silicone ones can be fixed easily by attaching the right kind of silicone spares.
• Wash your tails regularly with baking soda to clear out the chlorine. Chlorine damages the tails the most.
• Treat the tail with vinegar from time to time; it helps in getting relief from molds.

Your tail gets damaged when you don't put extra effort into mending it. It is normal to have wear and tear on the tails even if they are made of expensive materials. However, treat them right after every use to expect more longevity.

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