If you love being clicked as a mermaid but are worried about your rights, then here is a complete guide for you;

For a mermaid

When a photographer clicks a picture of yours in a mermaid costume, you must know that you retain all the rights of your image. The photographer must take your permission in front of a witness to click your pictures. You can get a customized form and sit along with your photographers to determine the rules. Points that you can have on the form are;

  • Where will the image be displayed and how?
  • Is the permission given for commercial publications as well
  • Compensation or fees if any
  • Places where you can post the pictures
  • The context of the image if you don’t want it to be published in any sexual context.
  • Are the unused pictures subject to destruction
  • Credits to be given to the photographer or the model
  • Any other points that you find necessary

The clients and children

The clients, whether they are children or adults have the same right. Thus it is always important to clear out the points in a legal document to avoid further dispute. The photographer must always ask the client whether he can click the pictures of them (probably in front of a witness).  If the children are being clicked as a mermaid, their parents or guardians must be present during the photography. Along with the children, the parents’ permission is also required.

However, during festivals, a crowded area, or a public appearance, the legal form may not be required. It is important only when a picture consists of the child’s image only. A single picture from the crowd may get uncomfortable for some. In such cases, you must get a photo release form signed by the kid or his parents.

A child can be in a picture without taking his consent if he is unrecognizable to anyone. It means, you may crop the face or make the picture hazy and the child’s face is not focused.

The client and the model, including children hold the copyrights for their pictures. No photographer can sell the copyrighted work to anyone in the name of art. It is always a better idea to take a polite permission from the people you click. Moreover, it is always better to have the consent in a written form.

Sometimes people hash out the consent over an email only. email or written, the consent must be retained until the time you don’t want the pictures published on social media or press release.