Mermaids have been one of the most sought out after mythical beings on this planet, they are known to radiate immense beauty and a sense of forbearing. Due to this very fact, I had always been drawn to them. Since the first time I came across them, through books and my vivid imagination, I had always dreamt of being one, to swim through the mighty oceans, free as a fish! But, alas not all our dreams come true, don't they? 

As I grew up I realised the truth behind the myth, but, that was not enough to shatter my dreams. Mermaids had made a deep impact upon me, even if they are not real, which I believe isn't, no matter what the world wants to think. I wanted to do something for these creatures with marked intelligence, they who signify the very epitome of beauty, the ones who ramble through the mighty oceans! To achieve this dream of mine something had to be done, something that creates a lasting impact!

Then I came across the concept of mermaid tail, and let me tell you one thing, it is hard work, it requires lots of efforts channelled in the right direction. But, as they say, hard work is bound to pay off, that is exactly what happened! I met a teacher, a great one at that! He taught me the ins and outs of creating a mermaid tail, from the very start of the procedure to the very end. He chided me for my smallest of mistakes and appreciated all the tasks well done. 

I have met some like minded people along the way, we have long and fruitful discussions on mermaid tails, and I get to enjoy their dreams of being a mermaid too! The ride till here was never smooth, it was full of bumps and rejections, but, I believed in god, and I never gave up, no matter what!