How To Prepare For A Mermaid Photo Shoot

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Mermaiding is one of the best feelings in the world. Putting on a mermaid tail and leaving the world behind. It’s one of the most peaceful feelings in the world. Some try to capture these moments but it’s not as easy as you would think! Here are some ways to prepare for a photo shoot above and below water.


Before The Photo Shoot

Have A Game Plan

Know what you want out of this photo shoot and communicate it to your photographer. Look at other mermaid photography and get inspired. Do you want to do it in a pool? Or do you want a more natural look outside? Do you want it in a waterfall, river, lake, or in a bathtub? The best part is, there are a lot of options to choose from. Your photographer will have some great ideas but make sure you communicate what you envision. If you are going outside, make sure to stop by the location before hand so you know what rocks or water areas you can shoot, and if other visitors/animals will be a problem.

Above the water

Practice Putting On Your Mermaid Tail

Modeling above water is definitely easier than under the water. You don’t have as many things to worry about. However, it’s a good idea to practice putting on your tail before hand. Some silicone tails can weigh up to 40 pounds and take a while to get on. Fabric tails are made differently, so make sure you know how to insert the monofin before getting to the shoot. You don’t want to waste time at the photo shoot just getting the tail on.

You Might Need A MerWrangler

A merwrangler is someone who helps you move from one place to another. It’s a real thing! Once you get that tail on, you are not moving on land. Imagine being in an outdoor photoshoot and the photographer wants you to move one rock over. You can scoot on your bottom or your knees but you probably want to avoid that as it might damage your tail.


Under the Water

Practice Swimming With A Tail, And Accessories

Underwater modeling is a whole different ball game. You have a lot to think about. You want to practice swimming in your tail, and any other accessories you plan to wear before hand. Mermaid accessories are endless and with a shell bra, headpiece, and possible mermaid jewelry, you could feel awkward or panic in the water. Practice in a pool where you can stand up and then move to the deep end when more confident.

Mermaid Positioning

Now that your comfortable swimming with your mermaid tail and accessories, let's talk about poses. Getting an idea of poses and positions you would like is important, but realize, you can’t stay there for too long. Holding your breath will make you more buoyant, and you will eventually need more oxygen. Practice breath control, and getting into a holding position long enough for the photographer to get a few pictures. Some people use weight belts to help them sink but this is an advance technique, and should only be used with professionals present.

Relax Your Face!

Our first instinct when going underwater is to close our eyes, and purse our lips together. This looks terrible in photography! Get use to opening your eyes, and relaxing your face. If you feel comfortable with opening your mouth or smiling underwater great! That will make your pictures look more natural.


Also avoid taking a huge breath right before being submerged. You tend to hold most in your cheeks and you don’t want to look like an underwater chipmunk in your photos. Take a big breath and then focus on blowing some air out so your lung capacity is around 50%. This way you can also avoid blowing to many bubbles in the pictures when you need to release air.

My Hair Is Everywhere!  

For those long haired mermaids, know that your hair will be everywhere. This can really make or break your photos. Don’t worry! Once you get the hang of it, your hair can create a beautiful and dynamic photo.


Once you are in position, push your hair down and do a little upwards “hop” with your body to give your hair some volume around your head. Or, you can tip your head all the way back and then with a quick motion, pull it forward bringing your hair out of your face.


Mermaid photo shoots are ridiculously fun. With a little bit of preparation, you will be fully prepared for modeling above and below water. You can finally capture your childhood dream of being a mermaid. Contact Mermaid Aqua to make your custom mermaid tail, and experience what it’s like to be part of their world.


Author Bio


Molly is the owner of the blog Everything Mermaid and enjoys writing articles not only for her blog, but other mermaid and travel sites. She specializes in mermaid product reviews, discounts codes, and interviewing professional mermaids around the world!

Photography by Sarah with Flashpool Productions

What Users Say About Mermaid Tails?

Emma Tuesday, November 13, 2018 5:20:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

As the sport of swimming with mermaid tails catches on all over the world, more and more people are fascinated by it and want to get a tail for themselves or for their children. All around the world new tail makers are starting the business. Each one has his or her own style and the quality will vary. The quality of the mermaid tails that you purchase will depend on where you purchased it from.


There are different opinions about the mermaid tail from different people. One thing common to these people is that they have all used the mermaid tail at least once in their lifetime. But the opinions of these people seem to be entirely different. While some are so excited by using it and are so happy to have purchased a tail, others feel that it is nothing so great. Some even feel they are dangerous for the children.


The idea of those who make these mermaid tails and sell them is to fulfill the lifelong dream of many of us to have a mermaid tail and swim like one. And they seem to be fulfilling the dreams of many people.


Mermaid tails are mainly made using two different materials. They are silicone and fabric. There are both cheap and costly mermaid tails available. The ones with a high quality are costly and ones with not so good quality are cheaper. People who cannot afford the costlier ones also like to fulfill their dreams with the cheaper ones. How much you enjoy swimming with the tails will depend on the quality of the mermaid tails.


The Good And The Bad Side.


Users have given good and bad reviews about swimming with mermaid tails.


It helps to make the swimmer stronger. You can swim like a mermaid both in pools and in the ocean. All people, irrespective of age, gender or size can enjoy swimming with it. It is easy to wear and can be removed in the water itself. If you have a good quality mermaid tail the designs are so good, it looks like real.


On the flip side, users have complained that the color fades and then the fun is gone. This happens with fake mermaid tails. They also don’t last long like the real ones. Some users feel there is a chance of an accident because the legs are bound together. 

New Trend of Earning Handsomely While Posing As Mermaids

Emma Sunday, July 1, 2018 4:38:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

The volatility of the job market now frequently give births of new varieties of strange job roles, which people find both interesting and profitable. Similarly, the job of a mermaid may initially sound quite weird to the people who have never heard of it. However, quite a good number of women now prefer to earn a living by dressing up as mermaids and swimming within the enclosed waters, for amusing their viewers. The only prop needed for this job is the mermaid tails that should be fitted tightly over the legs of the swimmer to make her look like a real mermaid.


Facilities now available for the professional mermaids


Often women need to attach heavy fins over their legs and swim around in the waters of glass enclosures, for providing immense enjoyment to the viewers who hire their services simply for pleasure. Though it is still not a popular job, numbers of good swimmers are opting to take up this career to earn some quick money in the present situation of the job market. Hence, now several opportunities are created for helping these modern mermaids in their jobs. They can get lightweight and most beautiful swimming fins online from, which is a renowned brand in this field. Moreover, there are several coaching classes and gym sessions held for these interested women, who want to work professionally as mermaids.

There are conferences held for imparting important knowledge to the professional mermaids, where they can discuss their problems faced while undertaking this job. North Carolina Merfest is one such conference that is organized every year and participated by a large number of young women, who are now working as mermaids. Several men also join these community conferences, who prefer to act as mermen or pirates in the plays enacted initially by the mermaids. It is beneficial for these women to have the assistance of other people, who can help them get inside the water for starting the swimming session. They also need help for lifting them out of the water after their service periods are over, as these women cannot get strong grip over the surface of the tank with their enclosed legs, for coming out of the water themselves.  Hence, the mermaids from all over the USA, as well as from different European countries attend these conferences for updating themselves in this professional field.


Few uncomfortable points regarding the profession of a mermaid


  • The job of a professional mermaid involves a lot of physical hard labor, as they need to swim continuously for hours under the water. It is highly strenuous for the body muscles of a human being, as they swim within a definite area and expected to have sufficient body strength to do the job without collapsing.
  • Apart from the body ache due to continuous swimming, many women suffer from acute sinusitis because of the effect of cold water for so long. They may also experience rashes on their exposed skins, if the waters of those tanks are not cleaned regularly. So the medical expense is likely to become higher for some mermaids.
  • The weight of the silicone monofin is quite heavy and uncomfortable for many swimmers, as they tie this product to their feet to pose as mermaids. This heavyweight item exhausts the wearers very easily and soon they may find it tough to continue swimming. However, the mermaid tails made of simple waterproof fabric and rubber are supposed to be much lighter and thus, the swimmers find it convenient to swim while attaching this product to the lower body.
  • The payments received in return of mermaid’s job may not always be quite satisfactory and these swimmers often find tough to meet all ends in their regular family expenses. So the job may seem unworthy at times to them, in spite of the immense job satisfaction that the dedicated swimmers may get from swimming in waters.


However, many educated women are now entering this profession of mermaids and some of them are making more money by creating videos of their performances. They exhibit these videos on popular sites and may also sell those videos for high prices, thus adding to their earnings. Hence, the sheer love of swimming has held some professional mermaids for decades, in spite of all the above-mentioned problems faced in this profession. The pioneers of this field did not take any initial training for pursuing this profession; still they enjoy swimming naturally for many years.


Recent developments on the profession of mermaids


Now the experienced mermaids organize educational camps for providing training to the young kids, who may be interested to take up this profession later, when they grow up to be adults. They teach the younger people how to overcome all the difficulties that may come across their ways while working as professional mermaids. The expert mermaids demand high rates for their shows and thus, they eventually become rich enough to afford their own cars and houses. Hence, in their opinion, one should start this profession from an early age to earn enough by the time they may not be able to linger in this strenuous job any more, as they grow quite old. Now several gym trainings are provided for making the aspirant mermaids physically ready to face the toils of continuous swimming.


Reasons of the popularity of mermaid shows


Lots of children have the fantasies regarding the mermaids, for which they love to watch the activities of the women posing as mermaids and swimming around the water. Hence, these mermaid shows are quite popular in schools, for the entertainment of the little kids. Many people also hire the services of these mermaids on the birthdays of their children, for amusing their little ones. These shows in turn inspire many little girls to work later in life as the mermaids, in spite of entering other professions in life.


Many professional mermaids are now treated as celebrities in their localities, as everyone understand the difficulties they need to face for providing that entertainment to the viewers. So people applaud them in all their shows, for their courage and skills.


Rules You Must Know Before Getting Clicked As A Mermaid

Emma Saturday, June 9, 2018 8:11:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you love being clicked as a mermaid but are worried about your rights, then here is a complete guide for you;

For a mermaid

When a photographer clicks a picture of yours in a mermaid costume, you must know that you retain all the rights of your image. The photographer must take your permission in front of a witness to click your pictures. You can get a customized form and sit along with your photographers to determine the rules. Points that you can have on the form are;

  • Where will the image be displayed and how?
  • Is the permission given for commercial publications as well
  • Compensation or fees if any
  • Places where you can post the pictures
  • The context of the image if you don’t want it to be published in any sexual context.
  • Are the unused pictures subject to destruction
  • Credits to be given to the photographer or the model
  • Any other points that you find necessary

The clients and children

The clients, whether they are children or adults have the same right. Thus it is always important to clear out the points in a legal document to avoid further dispute. The photographer must always ask the client whether he can click the pictures of them (probably in front of a witness).  If the children are being clicked as a mermaid, their parents or guardians must be present during the photography. Along with the children, the parents’ permission is also required.

However, during festivals, a crowded area, or a public appearance, the legal form may not be required. It is important only when a picture consists of the child’s image only. A single picture from the crowd may get uncomfortable for some. In such cases, you must get a photo release form signed by the kid or his parents.

A child can be in a picture without taking his consent if he is unrecognizable to anyone. It means, you may crop the face or make the picture hazy and the child’s face is not focused.

The client and the model, including children hold the copyrights for their pictures. No photographer can sell the copyrighted work to anyone in the name of art. It is always a better idea to take a polite permission from the people you click. Moreover, it is always better to have the consent in a written form.

Sometimes people hash out the consent over an email only. email or written, the consent must be retained until the time you don’t want the pictures published on social media or press release.


Tips For Mermaid To Deal With The Monofin Blisters

Emma Friday, May 11, 2018 4:41:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

Need help to deal with the pain of wearing a monofin? Wearing a monofin perfectly without affecting your feet can be a great struggle. You might suffer from some blisters or irritating feet.

Well, here is an article that will help you out with all your concerns. With the following tips, you will not only learn to get rid of blisters that monofin causes, but you will also know how to deal with it. The below tricks will help you out from what is known as the big mermaid blunder!

Tips to save your feet from blisters and irritating skin

1.      Hockey tape

Use the hockey tape to cover the moleskin or pre-affected skin. Wrap it around your feet thoroughly, and then move your feet to ensure flexibility. The tape is really sticky thus it will stay intact under water. It will not only protect you from having blisters but also save you from irritation caused by the already affected skin. The hockey tapes are safer for your skin and do not leave you with a slippery monofin. You just need to wrap your feet with the tape as long as you are in the water.

2.      Thin socks

The thin regular socks make a huge difference in the grips. It works as an insole for the monofin and saves you from slippery feet. The thin socks are especially quite essential to avoid your feet from slipping out of the monofin. It also helps if the monofins are little loose.

3.      Neoprene Socks

If you got the monofins a size bigger, then Neoprene socks are the best solace for you. They are available in different thickness, and you may buy one accordingly. However, if your monofins fit right then you may not need this pair. With perfectly fit or little tight monofins, you may find it difficult to wear the neoprene socks.

4.      Monofin socks

The monofin socks are the best pair of help for the mermaidaqua. They are half socks, specially made to save your feet from blisters. They help you cover the toes and prevent from having irritating skin. They are available online for cheap and you may order few extra pairs for yourself for the next time.

So, if you are facing any trouble wearing the monofins, try out some of the quick tips mentioned above. Happy Swimming!

Health Risks For Mermaid And Precautions To Avoid

Emma Wednesday, April 11, 2018 7:37:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

So are you afraid of the health risks involved in swimming as a mermaid? Well, there are some obvious and some not so obvious health risks that you must be aware of. This article will help you understand the risks and how to take precautions.
Obvious health risks

• Muscle cramps
Muscle cramps and foot cramps are some obvious discomforts a swimmer can face while swimming as a mermaid. The only way to get relief is to stay hydrated and have sufficient amount of potassium and magnesium intake. You also need to avoid the foot blisters on the foot cramps. This can be done by investing in a pair of half socks or hockey tape.

• Chlorine
Chlorine cause rashes and irritation to the skin. it also leads to signs of aging. Chlorine damages your hair, nails, and open area of the body. the best preventive measure is to keep washing the chlorine as soon as you can.

• Drowning
There are chances of drowning with that tight fitting mermaid tail. You can avoid such circumstances by knowing the sign and following the lifeguards.

• Back injuries
Mermaidaqua is quite prone to back injuries when they try to lift themselves up or try to stand. Precautions must be taken while lifting your body.

Some of the not so obvious risks that may happen to anybody

• Frequent exposure to water may lead to ear infections. You may avoid getting such infections by using an earplug. Additionally always keep some eardrops and antibiotics handy before going into the water.

• Frequent swimming may lead to sinus and nasal drip problems. You must consult the doctor if the problem persists.

• The pool deck is always dirty! Always carry along a pair of flip-flops to the pool. Use a mat or your tail to lie down and avoid minimum contact with the deck. You must take a shower before and after swimming to avoid fungal infections and wart.

• If you face pink eyes, conjunctivitis or eye infection; this happens due to the chemical content of the pool water. The swimming pool is full of chlorine-treated water that may leave with serious eye infections. Use some anti-bacterial eye drops and wash your eyes thoroughly every time you get contact with the pool water.

• When kids get diarrhea in the pool, and the pool remains unclean, you may suffer from Cryptosporidium. The pool has to be disinfected from time to time. you must avoid swimming in dirty pools altogether.

The ultimate word is to avoid swimming in dirty pools and keep yourself clean every time you come out of a swimming pool.

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Do Mermaids Only Exist in Fairy Tales?

Mermidaqua; Everything You Must Know Before Getting Your First Mermaid Tail

Emma Thursday, March 29, 2018 12:11:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

So are you thinking to buy a mermaid tail, and don’t know what to look for exactly? This article will give you some great tips on how to buy a mermaid tail. And trust me; you will love it when you know how to use it properly.

If this tail is your first tail, then you hardly know what to expect from it. You might have seen people wearing it, but how exactly it is tailored is a myth for the first-timers. Below are some tail overviews that most of the first timers are ignorant of.

• Some tails are equipped with zippers that make it easy to wear. However, some tails are tailored without zippers. Tails made of thicker fabric are tough to roll, while silicone ones can be worn easily.
• It is important to have an elastic waistband for your tail. This avoids water from swooping inside the tail. Sometimes you may need to wrap your legs with plastic for that perfect shape.
• The tails tend to wrinkle at some places irrespective of what fabric it is made of. Basically, you cannot avoid the wrinkles on the knees and ankle. In order to avoid the wrinkles, you need to keep your toes pointed and legs must be flexed. This reduces the wrinkles and crinkling of the tail and increases the longevity.
• Get the measurements right! While measuring yourself for the tail, always measure above your belly button else there are chances to end up with an ill-fitting tail. Most of the times the tail may not cover your bum as well.
• The mermaidaqua tailors create some holes in the fabric and cover them with a Velcro or zippers. The holes are made intentionally to help water escape from the tail. This also helps air to move inside and keep the tail dry.
• Silicone and latex tails take more time for production and painting. They are heavy as well.
• Even when you take extreme care of the tail, it tends to get damaged after a few uses. However, silicone ones can be fixed easily by attaching the right kind of silicone spares.
• Wash your tails regularly with baking soda to clear out the chlorine. Chlorine damages the tails the most.
• Treat the tail with vinegar from time to time; it helps in getting relief from molds.

Your tail gets damaged when you don't put extra effort into mending it. It is normal to have wear and tear on the tails even if they are made of expensive materials. However, treat them right after every use to expect more longevity.

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My Mermaid Dream

Do Mermaids Only Exist in Fairy Tales?

7 Real Mermaids in Our Life

Emma Friday, March 23, 2018 9:46:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Professional mermaid performers have become a popular trend today. People are actually willing to spend money in order to see females dressed in mermaid tails performing in glass tanks. It may not be a world spread career but it is slowly gaining momentum with the US having about a thousand individuals working professionally as mermaids. The North California Merfest is one of the organisations that deal with mermaid perform, activities, providing mermaid gym classes and creating mermaid events like conferences and festivals.

Price of becoming a professional mermaid

Being a professional mermaid is not an easy task. A lot of planning and logistics have to be put into place. Thorough and intensive practice is done by the performers on tasks such as breath holding and choreography coordination while under water. While in the mermaid tails the performer is not in a position to move their legs and therefore require an assistant or what they refer to as “mer-tenders” to help them relocate from one place to the other.

In as much as this type of profession might sound interesting and stress free to water lovers it is not that simple. The mermaid tails do not come cheap one costs almost three thousand dollars and the training is about forty dollars at the LA Mermaid School. This is a hefty amount of money for a single mermaid tail so it is good to be absolutely sure that this is something you want to be part of in the long run.

Besides the monetary expenses there are the physical requirements. Physical labour is part and puzzle of this profession. Learning how to stay under water for an entire show which lasts thirty minutes and swimming with both legs held as one by the fabric mermaid tail is a tough grind.

Linden Wolbert

This is one of the well-known professional mermaid performers. She has always had fantasies about the ocean. She felt extremely at ease while in the water than she ever did on dry land. She has finished her studies and attained a degree in Film and science from Emerson College in Boston. Graduating from a prominent college did not derail her ambitions of turning into a professional mermaid. She is thriving in this career. Currently she is the owner of the Mermaid Minute and an array of video series. She has also been profiled by major news channels like the Huffington Post.

“A mermaid pioneer “is the description they gave to her. She is among the few who have turned this into a worthwhile profession. She is very humble and refuses to take any acknowledgement for leading the way to the numerous individuals indulging in it today. She claims all she did was following her hearts desires. In the initial stages of her career as a mermaid she mainly taught about conserving the ocean and keeping the water safe to children dressed as a mermaid. It is from here that her career developed and today it is flourishing. She had a rough start in her career like most people but that did not get in the way of her still pursuing it.

In as much as this job takes care of all her financial needs it also leaves her physically drained. Sinus infections, unusual lashes and backaches are part and puzzle of her after the performance. She most recently partnered with Body Glove International and produced mermaid tails that can be put on by children at a reasonable price of about thirty dollars. She is helping the little girls who have fantasies or dream about the ocean to realize these dreams and fantasies. She is passionate about performing in birthday parties for children. Many celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake invite her to their events to perform on regular basis.

Carli Goodworth

She is a professional mermaid performer in Florida at the Weeki Waache Springs State park. The mermaid shows at the underwater theatre in the park can be dated back to 1947. Despite being gym instructor which is a full-time job in a middle school she still enjoys performing as a mermaid. She has been performing for about eleven years now which she says is an accomplishment of the dreams and fantasies she had about the ocean as a child. Though she only gets to perform for several hours in a week it still makes a huge impact on her. She grew up in the neighbourhood and talk about mermaids is common. After attending the shows in the underwater theatre she always talked of how she wanted to become a mermaid when she grew up.

She has had her share of ups and downs in life but that has not wavered her passion for performing as a mermaid. In order to settle her tuition in college she has worked in a clothing store for men as a stint as well as other jobs on land though her heart was always in the ocean. Performing as a mermaid though part-time still makes her feel alive. Mermaids are popular in the region and saying you are one of them is similar to being a celebrity. She does the performances out of love and passion and not because of the money since the pay is about thirteen dollars per hour. The physical turmoil that she also experiences after the performances is hectic.

She described the role as one that requires an athletic body. New trainees need to have trained for several months before they even perform for the first time. In order for them to perform the entire show at least a years training is required which shows how demanding the performances are physically. Despite all these challenges she is not ready to hand over her fabric mermaid tail to anyone in the near future. Her passion draws her back to the ocean every time despite the challenges she faces. The look on the little girl’s faces as they all aspire to become you in their fairy tale dreams is magical. Who wouldn’t want that?

Mermaid Melissa

She is so devoted to her routine that her official name is “Mermaid Melissa”. All the careers she has previously undertaken all involve water so becoming a mermaid performer was not a shocking turn of events. She previously worked as a life guard, a mammal trainer for the marines and a trainer for entertainers underwater.

She has impeccable skills when it comes to swimming that she has been termed as a mermaid for a big portion of her life. She also adores the ocean. Her career entails a great deal of travelling and transporting elements which is expensive. The elements such as mermaid tanks need to be delivered to the performance venue and set up which not an easy task putting into considerations that her shows are in different locations.

She also acknowledged the fact that the job is draining physically and the chances of falling ill are high due to the long sessions they spend in cold water. Despite all that she still remains optimistic about her career as a mermaid performer. The response given by the audience after a performance and interacting with the crowd afterwards keep her going. She is eager to satisfy their inquisitiveness.

Hannah Fraser

She has been in the industry for thirteen years and her stage name is Hannah Mermaid. She has mastered the art of holding breath to the extent that she can last three minutes under water. The industry is not just composed of women only but also men who are recognized as mermen and children who are referred to as merchildren. Despite how easy and stress-free the merfolk may appear as they dive fifteen feet deep into water with a full smile and wide open eyes, it is not. This takes volumes of time, money, energy and practice to achieve.

The most challenging bit is learning how to hold your breath under water. Your mind plays tricks on you telling you that you require oxygen and you need to quiet those voices and remain calm. She is among the two hundred merfolks performing in North California at the Greensboro Aquatic Centre during the NC Mermania. She is mainly involved in what she refers to as “eco-art activism”. She is globally featured in videos where is swimming in fabric mermaid tails while on some occasions real fish, manta rays, tiger sharks or humpback whale tails.

She uses her expertise to make videos campaigning for preservation of the sea life such as the “Manta’s Last Dance”. The video effectively created awareness and was effective as in 2014 the endangered sea creatures were put on Manta ray. She would without hesitation put herself at risk if it helped save the lives of these creatures. She hopes that eventually many people can have the same enthusiasm and passion for the ocean like she does.

Shannon Rauch

She joined the industry in her search for an alternative workout. She is recognized as Mermaid Shannon in the industry. It was not long before she got paid offers to perform at birthday parties as a mermaid. When the offers became numerous she eventually quit her career as a broadcast journalist. She started off by training in CPR then went ahead to become a swimming instructor for children. As of today she is paid a hefty sum of about $250 for performing for two hours.

Making every little girls fantasy come to life is the part she loves best about her job. The look of disbelief in their eyes when they see with their eyes something that is considered a fairy story is magical and priceless.

Marla Spellenberg

The professional mermaid performance was first discovered in the middle of the twentieth century. She has been a mermaid in Florida at the Weeki Wachee Spring since 1969 up to 1972. She was features in shows underwater such as “Mermaids on the Moon” and “Cinderella” which all lasted about forty five minutes. She is amazed at how much the industry has developed over the years as compared to those early years when she was starting off. She however expresses her concerns and worries on the safety of those individuals who join the profession hastily.

She says that it is important to first get the relevant skill set and become proficient prior to joining the profession. She insists on taking one step at a time before fully diving into the career. She was at the NC Mermania accompanied by her husband who likes to be acknowledged as Mertender Steve. He is responsible for assisting the mermaids relocate from one place to the other while they are in their fabric mermaid tails and on land.

She also acknowledges the fact that the mermaid tails do not come cheap. Those tails made of fabric that is light weight are as cheap as $300 while those made of heavier materials like silicone range from $3,500 and above. With time many mermaids learn the art of making their own tails and eventually sell some to other people.

Christian O’Brocki

The profession is not solely for the ladies as many people might assume. There are men too doing it professionally. Merman Christian is a good example of a professional merman performer. He recognizes the fact that performing as a mermaid is not a walk over. It is tough when starting out as many jobs in the industry to do not pay off well. He recalls the number of time he has had financial constraints while doing this job yet he still eventually found himself back at it.

It is tough landing gigs as a merman since most of the fairy tales only revolve around mermaids. He is however determined to make people believe that fairy tales can exist for mermen too. He wants to be a role model to all the young boys out there aspiring to be mermen. He wants them, to have fun entertaining people under water and making their fantasies a reality.
One thing that all these professional entertainers under water agree on is the respect and passion they have for the ocean. They are all dedicated in keeping it clean and preserving it as it is the natural habitat for many plants and creatures.

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Do Mermaids Only Exist in Fairy Tales?


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These mermaid movies are randomly selected which have been quite popular among movie buffs be they young or old. Mermaids are mythological characters come to life on the big silver screen and television too.

The mermaid movies would invariably revolve around the sea as it is here that they are supposed to live. Though it is considered myth little children love to see them.

Girls would closely associate themselves with mermaids as most of them, if not all are females hence the affinity. They are also considered to be very beautiful, slim very agile by nature and are cast so in the movies.

Some of the prettiest movie stars have acted the roles of mermaids in these movies. They have stunning and lovely flowing hair which exudes beauty at its best.

Some of the movies selected are animations whilst the others are feature films. The animations have been very popular with the younger generation because of their stunning color combinations and story lines.

If you have not seen any of these movies or are not interested in mermaids, it is time to tickle your imagination. Pick up one and you could get hooked forever.

They are all great entertainment and most, if not all are targeted towards family audiences. Seeing a mermaid movie with the idea that they exist deep under the sea would help immensely.

Believing in mermaids when the movie begins would spring you into the scenes which would make it more interesting to watch.

Movies are all make believes hence watching mermaid movies with an open mind would also help. Take along or watch it with your family as the reactions of the kids would be electric.

#1. Mermaids

This was released for television in the year 2003 and it was directed by Ian Barry. The trio of mermaid sisters is Australian model Erika Heynatz, along with Nikita Ager and Serah D’Laine.

The plot revolves around the three sisters who are out to exact revenge. The three sisters Diana, Venus and June band together, to find and bring the murderers of their father to justice.
John Mallick and Carlo are fishermen who engage in illegal fishing in the sea and spot a large creature. The creature is the father who is shot and killed by Mallick. 

#2. Aquamarine

This is an Australian and American production released in 2006. Elizabeth Allen the American director does justice to the movie which is shot in Queensland.

Sara Paxton, Emma Roberts and Joanna “Jo Jo” Levesque, star in the lead roles. Alice Hoffman’s book by the sasme name is taken as its inspiration.

Aquamarine played by Sara Paxton is a mermaid who needs to find true love. Failure to do so would let her father marry her someone she detests. The other two help her in her quest when she selects Raymond the lifeguard.

#3. The Little Mermaid

This is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. It was released in 1989 by Walt Disney Pictures. A Danish fairy tale is the inspiration for the movie.

Ron Clements with John Musker have written, produced and directed the film. The music is provided by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

The film relates the story of a mermaid who wants to become a human. The mermaid princess Ariel is bored with her life under the sea in the kingdom of Atlantis. She rescues Prince Eric a human and instantly falls in love with him.

#4. Fishtales

This film was released in 2007 which is directed by Alki David. Starring Billy Zane and Kelly Brook it is an American comedy. The story is about a widowed father, played by Billy Zane who falls in love with a mermaid.

Kelly Brook plays Neried the mermaid who could take human form when the Sun dips down. She comes ashore and meets Classic professor Thomas Bradley played by Zane.

His daughter Serena helps her father and Neried to sort out their problems by getting them to work together. Dimitri played by Felix Yanez falls in love with Serena and it turns out hilarious at times.

#5. Peter Pan

Inspired by J.M Barrie’s play “Peter Pan” or “The Boy who wouldn’t grow up”, the film was released in 1953. This is produced by Walt Disney as the 14th of their lineup of Walt Disney Animated Classic series.

The story is all about pirates and mermaids set in the island of Never Land. The main characters are John and Michael whose antics are detested by their father.
Peter Pan comes to their rescue and they set off to the island where their adventure begins with a pirate Captain named Hook and his sidekick Mr. Smee.

#6. The Little Mermaid II, Return to the Sea

Disney released this animated film in 2000, which is directed by Jim Kammerud and Brian Smith. It is a sequel to the 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid.

This is set ten years after the first movie and is about Melody. She is the daughter of the mermaid Ariel and her husband Prince Eric.

Melody is not permitted by her parents from going to the sea. There is danger lurking for her in the sea and everything goes topsy-turvy when she does go to sea.

#7. Splash

Directed by Ron Howard it is a romantic comedy with a bit of fantasy intertwined into the story. It was released in 1984 and is an American production.

Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah and John Candy play the lead roles. Walt Disney Touchstone Pictures was behind the movie. It was nominated for Best Original Screenplay but did not win the Oscar.

As an 8 year old boy the character of Tom Hanks has a tryst with a mermaid and the story tells what happens 20 years later.

#8. Mermaid Chronicles Part I, She Creature

This television horror movie was released in 2001. It is directed by Sebastian Gutierrez. The lead roles are played by Rufus Sewell, Carla Gugino, and Rya Kihistedt.

A mermaid is abducted in Ireland and is being brought to America. The mermaid has a very bad side to her character and when the ship drifts to the mythical Forbidden Islands he rough side comes to the fore.

#9. Lady in the Water

Fantasy thriller movie produced in America. This was released in 2006 and is directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Paul Giamatti in the lead roles.

The swimming pool in an apartment complex is where the story revolves around. A maintenance man discovers what he things is a mermaid in the pool.

#10. Hook

Steven Spielberg does a super job as always directing this fantasy adventure film. This was released in 1991. Robin Williams plays the characters of Peter Pan / Peter Banning.

Dustin Hoffman plays Captain Hook with Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell. This film is a sequel to Peter and Wendy the novel by J.M Barrie in 1911. It focuses on an adult Peter Pan.

Peter Banning a corporate lawyer who is riding the crest of success is really Peter Pan. He is a workaholic and has a wife and two children Jack and Maggie aged 12 and 7 years old respectively.

#11. Dagon

Directed by Steven Gordon, this is a Spanish horror movie. It is written by Dennis Paoli. The plot is very much similar to The Shadow over Innsmouth, the novella by H.P Lovecraft.

The film revolves around Paul Marsh who is a stock market tycoon. The horror is quite outstanding and would run the chill up your spine.

A boat trip goes very wrong for Paul and his friends along with his girlfriend Barbara. Strange things start to happen to Paul with Barbara going missing along with their friends Vicky and Howard.

#12. Mermaids of Tiburon

This film was released in 1962 which is written and directed by John Lamb. Treasure with a diver looking for it and coming across mermaids is the plot.

Filmgroup productions acquired rights to the movie which was generally confined for screening at United States military bases. It has a good story and could peek viewers entertained.

#13. Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid

William Powell takes the lead role which is a 1948 released, fantasy film. Ann Blyth plays the mermaid which is directed by Irving Pichel.
The 1945 novel “Peabody’s Mermaid” which was written by Guy and Constance Jones inspired the movie. Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida was where most on the film was shot.
The story is set in a Caribbean resort where Peabody goes on vacation with his wife Polly. Mermaid Lenore played by Ann Blyth comes into the storyline when Peabody reels her in at the end of his fishing line.

#14. Miranda

Written by Peter Blackmore and directed by Ken Annakin. This was released in 1948 which is a British comedy. Glynis Johns plays the role of a very mischievous and playful mermaid. The mermaid pulls Dr. Paul Martin who is fishing.

She holds him prisoner in her underwater cavern. She wants to see London and Paul agrees. He takes her as an invalid in a wheelchair around showing her the sights.

Muir Mathieson conducted the London Symphony Orchestra which provided the music score. B.C Sewell was the sound director and the music score is super.

#15. Splash Too

This is the sequel to the 1984 movie, Splash. It was released in 1988 and is directed by Greg Antonacci, which is written by Bruce Franklin Singer.

The roles of Allen and Madison Bauer are played by Todd Waring and Amy Yasbeck respectively. ABC Television telecasted the movie in two parts, a week apart on May 1st and 8th 1988.

Madison is a mermaid and the couple lives on a deserted island away from prying eyes. 

#16. Scales: Mermaids are Real

Directed by Kevan Peterson this film was release in 2017. Screenplay is also by Kevan Peterson who helped to write the story helped by Dwjuan F. Fox.

The cast includes Jack Dylan Grazer, Emmy Perry, Nikki Hahn and Elisabeth Rohm. A girl who would change into a mermaid when she turns 12 years old is the plot.

She must be careful as some people are trying to capture her. She needs to bid farewell to her family and friends and remain away from the clutches of her possible captors.

#17. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia

This is an animated film released in 2004. It is a fantasy adventure directed by William Lau and Walter P. Martishius. It is produced by Luke Carroll with music composed by Eric Colvin.

The story is about a power hungry fairy who wants to rule the land by capturing the Prince. Elina the lead role played by Kelly Sheridan must prevent what is being planned by the bad fairy. 

#18. Mad about Men

Directed by Ralph Thomas this was released in 1954 in Denmark. Screenplay and story is by Peter Blackmore. The film stars Glynis Johns, Donald Sinden and Anne Crawford.

Miranda is a mermaid who likes to flirt with men and the story revolves around her. She takes over from a schoolteacher who is on holiday.

Then she falls in love with a human which then complicates matters. The plot takes us through this and is quite interesting. It is a comedy and does justice to the story which is quite good.

#19. The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning

Directed by Peggy Holmes it is a family animation drama. The lead roles are played by Jodi Benson, Samuel E. Wright, Jim Cummings and Sally Field.

Ariel is a well known mermaid by movie buffs and this is quite an interesting plot. It is set in Atlantis the kingdom in the sea. Music is forbidden here and the youngest daughter of the King wants to bring back music, for all.

#20. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale

This is a family animation fantasy movie. It is directed by Adam Wood. It stars Kelly Sheridan, Kathleen Barr, Tabitha St. German, and Peter Mel in the lead roles. A surfer finds out that she is really a mermaid.

She is the daughter of the Queen of Oceania who is held captive. She along with her dolphin friend set off on and undersea quest to rescue her mother.

The plot is well written and was released in 2010 which would hold us to the edge of our seats.

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Mermaid Tail Safety: All You Need to Know

Emma Tuesday, February 27, 2018 4:59:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

Mermaid tails also referred to as monofins are part of swimming gear though they are destructing to those who have no experience in using them. This is because you cannot start using tails if you are still at the beginner level as a swimmer. In this, it is not a learning tool. However, it is important that you keep to safety measures that are ideal to keep you safe. Other than safety, they are fun and playful to have and use.

Possible Safety Concerns
Some safety concerns have arisen and this is the reason only good swimmers can use them. These include movement restriction as a mermaid tail consists of just one finger where both your feet go into one fin. Some monofins are designed with a latch or strap and during an emergency, it can be difficult to reach out for it when swimmers are panicking. This is also tricky as it may require some skill to remove making it a concern for the beginners. While these concerns may arise, there are some safety rules that apply to using monofins and mermaid tails.

Basic Safety Rules

In an effort to boost safety when using mermaid tails, the following safety rules should be followed to the latter whether you are a beginner or a professional swimmer.

Safety release function 

It is important that you familiarize yourself with with your tails safety release function if any. Some tails do not come with any of the above. However, it is important to know Which safety release function is available and then understand how it functions. This will make it easier for you to reach out when necessary to avoid panicking.

Know your limit

Knowing your limit will help you to know how well you can use your mermaid tail. There is no need to strain with the aim of learning another move. Take it slow and do not push too hard as controlling an emergency can be difficult especially if there is no supervision. Gradually move from one move to another.

Always use under supervision

Irrespective of whether you are a first time user or a professional, it is important that you use them only under the supervision of another person. This will help to address an emergency as well as prevent injuries.
Do not dive or swim through objects

While swimmers can ordinarily dive and swim through objects such as floaters and other swimming pool toys, this is not the case when using mermaid tails. These tails are not exactly streamlined and this may cause you to get stuck when diving through them.

Before you choose to start using a mermaid tail, it is important that a professional take you through the first step to check whether you are ready to use a tail or not. Do not simply shop for a tail then swim into a pool. This is not only dangerous but also life threatening.

Safety Features of a Mermaid Tail
Going under water requires that you take precaution in an attempt to stay safe. This is no different when seeking to use a mermaid tail. The following safety features come as a complete package depending on the type and style of the tail.

For children, it is recommended that you avoid monofins that have straps around the ankles. While it is safe for grownups, it is highly disregarded for children as they are not fast enough to unwind them in the event there is a problem or danger.

Another safety feature is that they are lightweight thus ensuring that they do not weigh you down. This is accompanied by their neutral buoyancy so that they boost your ability to remain afloat.

Also check on the material used so that you can go for one that will boost flexibility. This will retain confidence in the user be it a child or a grownup. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should only use it under supervision. This is very important especially for children.

Tips to Keep You Safe when Mermaiding

 mermaid tail safe you should know

Only use when under the supervision of a professional adult

• Only good swimmers should consider using mermaid tails

• Confirm with your comfort zone. In this, you can start with waters you are familiar with. Waters that scare you such as the ocean where the tides vary are restricted for use with mermaid tails.

• Anyone thinking on using a monofin should start learning the dolphin kick first. Gradually advance to using a monofin and you can then use the tail as you perfect your experience.

• Perfect your swimming skills and ensure you are good and comfortable with swimming under water.

• Start early. Many swimmers who perfect this art fast and with ease are children due to their flexibility and open mind. Training as an adult is challenging but this is not to say that it is impossible.

Some tails come with an open bottom to help you to easily access your legs and feet. Though they are different, they come with several similarities. Mermaid tails are part of swimming gear though they are destructing to those who cannot use them. This is because you cannot start using if you are still at the beginner level as a swimmer. In this, it is not a learning tool.

However, it is important that you keep to safety measures that are placed to keep you safe.

Some safety concerns have arisen where both the young and adults are pushing for their elimination. This is the reason only good swimmers can use them. These concerns include movement restriction as a tail consists of just one opening where both your feet go into one fin. Some monofins are designed with a latch or strap and during an emergency, it can be difficult to reach out for in the event of danger. This is also tricky as it may require some skill to remove making it a concern for the beginners. While these concerns may arise, safety measures will keep you safe as long as you keep them.

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