Hello Mermaid

"Do mermaids only exist in fairy tales?" you may ask. Perhaps not. The next time you go swimming, don't be surprised to see a live "mermaid" swimming next to you in the pool. Emma has been tailoring her mermaid dream for a while. She is fascinated by both swimming and mermaids and makes her passion for mermaids real by tailoring the best mermaid tails in the market. Her expertise in tailoring and love for mermaids have joined to make mermaids real for you. Finally, the mermaid dream has come true for you.

One year ago, Emma performed a mermaid show in a hotel swimming pool and that's when she realized that she needed to make mermaid tails to her specific taste. She found a tailor to make mermaid tails for her but was disappointed with the result even after spending 2,500 yuan for the tail. She made up her mind that it was time she did the tails herself.

She bought some fabric that she had tested and screened to ensure that they were the best for use in water. She found the best formula for cutting up the fabric depending on the size and the most appropriate way to fix the monofin in place on the mermaid tail. She also ensured to use machine sewing to hold the different parts together. This was extremely important since the fabrics she uses for tailoring the mermaid tail are elastic and the seams can easily loosen and come out. She carefully designs different tail styles - each tail taking weeks to design perfectly - ensuring that there are many designs of mermaid tails for you to choose from. She has to be really patient and careful while making these mermaid tails!

The summers are the best days for Emma. She will go swimming every day. Watching the children pleasantly surprised as they exclaim excitedly, "Wow! Look, there is a mermaid!" is something that Emma absolutely loves. She has over the months become accustomed to excited crowd that usually gathers whenever she becomes a mermaid. She never ceases to amaze people in her mermaid tail outfit that makes her look like a real mermaid.

In her mermaid tail, Emma swims gaily while the sun makes the scales on the tail to glisten like a thousand pieces of broken glass. As the mermaid tail swings from side-to-side, you will be forgiven for thinking that you had made a journey into the fairy world. Her mermaid tails are so real. Emma insists that she is so used to swimming with her tails that she would find swimming without them very boring. The speed and flamboyance that the mermaid tails add to her swimming experience is something that she adores.

Emma agrees that the mermaid tails have livened up her days. She can swim to the bottom of the pool and enjoy the spectacle created by the light penetrating the water. She also feels that swimming under water gives her an opportunity to look inside herself; in a world of her own. A world where all the noises and struggles of the real world are muffled. An opportunity to travel to the world of fairy tale and fantasy; a world of the mermaids!